Volunteers John and Tina

Our 29-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2016 and it was a bolt out of the blue for us all.

We struggled with getting information both on the type of tumour and how best we could help him and his beautiful wife get through what was to come.

Then we found Brain Tumour Support. It appeared to be the only charity holding group sessions local to us and also offered us counselling. The charity has been a real help to us and so we wanted to give something back.


We mainly help out at Support Group meetings. We welcome new members, make refreshments, help set up the room and offer advice wherever we can. We also offer a lift to one member who can’t drive since she had a tumour removed, and we help organise social events.


We like to represent the charity at events whenever we can and we like to fundraise for the charity – for example we both organised fundraisers for our birthdays instead of receiving presents.


Brain Tumour Support means a lot to us. We have made so many great friends through the charity including one lady who has the same diagnosis as our son. She is seven years into her journey and such an inspiration.


Volunteering makes us both feel humble when we hear other people’s stories and it makes us feel understood when we relay our own. We hope we are helping the charity by always being willing to help when we are in the area and we always present a smiling face and look out for people looking a little vulnerable.

We realise just how important volunteers are to this charity and we very much feel valued in our roles.

Brain Tumour Support volunteers
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