Volunteer Natalie

Volunteering in the office

I volunteer as an office assistant in the  Thornbury office two days a week.


I started volunteering through the local volunteer centre to gain some basic office skills, which I have been able to do in a supportive environment. But the most important thing I’ve gained is confidence in being in a work environment and improved communication skills.


Of all my tasks, my favourite has to be walking Leyah, the office dog – this always makes me happy and, gauging from her reaction when she sees me, it also makes Leyah happy too!


I have learned a lot during my time at Brain Tumour Support the skills I have learned will be invaluable for gaining new opportunities and employment in the future. I didn’t finish school due to severe anxiety but volunteering, along with taking a few local community courses, has given me the confidence to start an accounting course at college

in September.


Rhi Ashford, Volunteer Coordinator who worked with Natalie, said:

"Natalie shows great commitment and reliably gets on with background research tasks which greatly helps the staff team, informing our work in key areas. We are so proud of how she has grown in confidence during her time as a volunteer at Brain Tumour Support and we love having her as part of our team"