Volunteer Julie

I first started volunteering for Brain Tumour Support when my close friends asked my husband Mark and myself if we would take them to the 2017 Brain Tumour Support Weekend.

Tony had a grade 4 Glioblastoma and had gone off his food following all the treatment he had been through. During the weekend we could see the difference it was making to Tony. He got interested in food again from the very first evening. We all got a lot from that weekend and when we got home, we all felt uplifted. I decided that Sunday evening that I wanted to volunteer with Brain Tumour Support.

Other charities offer information and promise to fund research, but only Brain Tumour Support actually offers the emotional and practical support that really makes a difference to people's lives.

19 years ago when my mum had a brain tumour, we had no one to turn to, I vowed to ensure others would have someone who listens to them.

Volunteer Julie

Lucy Wilkinson, Brain Tumour Support Worker for the Midlands, said:


“I am so lucky to have Julie volunteering alongside me in clinic at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She is so committed to her role, is loved by staff and patients alike and is a truly valued member of the team. Julie is always on hand with a listening ear, some useful advice and cup of tea. Her enthusiasm for volunteering is quite infectious and she’s fantastic at tirelessly promoting the work of Brain Tumour Support in her local community.”