Volunteer John

Charity ambassador


I first got involved with Brain Tumour Support as a patient in 2005. 

Later on I represented the charity as a service user with a variety of groups including what was the NHS England Clinical Reference Group for Brain & CNS Tumours.

More recently, I’ve been a volunteer project manager for Brain Tumour Support, helping to lead the Brain Tumour Awareness Project which involved gathering focus group information about the level of awareness on issues surrounding brain tumours.

I enjoy volunteering for Brain Tumour Support because in a small way it has allowed me to try and give something back. Brain Tumour Support has allowed me to meet and work with many people it is a privilege and honour to have as friends.


Helen Silverthorn, Head of Strategy and Performance working alongside John on the Awareness Project, greatly valued his work, saying:

“The staff team at Brain Tumour Support have been highly impressed with John’s professionalism and dedication. John balances his volunteering with a full-time job, often dedicating several days a month to help ensure that others are made aware of the challenges linked to a brain tumour diagnosis. We are so grateful to have John as part of our Brain Tumour Support family and really value all of the unique skills that he brings to the charity.”