Volunteer Jane

Volunteering in the office

In 2013, I became disenchanted with work, age 55, and decided to leave early after 35 years at British Aerospace.


I promised my husband that I wouldn’t get under his feet (he was the househusband, raising our two boys) and would get out and about volunteering.

I picked up four different volunteering opportunities straight away and one of the places where I currently volunteer is Brain Tumour Support.

Volunteering suits me because I choose a selection of subjects to use a range of my skills and I know what sort of work will suit me and what won’t. Also, I feel useful, which is probably the biggest reason why I volunteer, and I have made new friends.


Suzie Moon, Support Services Quality Assurance Officer says:
"At the time Jane started volunteering I had lots of projects which needed my attention, and Jane's assistance has really helped.  She's very accurate in her work and very fast at picking up what needs to be done and has been a star whizzing through my Excel projects! I would like to say a huge thank you to her for giving up her time to volunteer as it makes such a difference to the Support Team and our clients."