Volunteer Hev

Charity ambassador


I think representing Brain Tumour Support is important so we can learn and be aware of current issues and raise awareness of the work the charity does.

I had to leave my nursing career after being diagnosed with a 'benign' meningioma brain tumour, so had to find other ways of making a contribution to society and exploring a way of life I have never lived before.

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I attend the All Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours on behalf of Brain Tumour Support and report back to the senior leadership team on key issues and outcomes. It's a very interesting and educational meeting, especially when politicians show an interest! 


In the first few APPG meetings I gave my own account about living with a brain tumour, in particular with the loss of my career and my struggle with the Department of Work and Pensions ever since. I also told the APPG about how Brain Tumour Support has helped me cope.


I feel very privileged to be invited to not only just attend and represent the charity, but also to be able

to listen to other experiences, and hopefully be part of making a difference.

Rosemary Wormington, Head of Support says:
"Hev has been with us right from the start of the charity and without her hard work we wouldn’t have our extremely popular Facebook Members Forum.  She is our eyes and ears in Cornwall and key to assisting the Support Worker at group and supporting the charity by attending events for us in London.  Her NHS background is invaluable and we can always rely on her to represent us at a national level.  She is a wonderful asset to the charity."