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The Tockington Wheelers are a group of friends raising money in honour of a friend whose life has been turned upside down by a brain tumour.

The Wheelers describe why they set up the fund:

The Tockington Wheelers are a group of parents who all joined up to form a Sunday morning cycling club several years ago. Our connection was (and still is) through our children who were/are attendees of Tockington Manor School.

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In 2019 one of our own Wheelers, an avid athlete in multiple disciplines, was diagnosed with a life altering brain tumour. His life, and the life of his family, has been turned upside down by this diagnosis. Having undergone multiple operations under the wonderful care of some of the most amazing surgeons and support staff within the NHS, he is now thankfully recovering and being supported by Brain Tumour Support. However, the road back to full health will be his biggest challenge yet.

Our aim is to compete in multiple disciplines and events throughout the year, picking up where he left off and raising as much awareness and donations as we can along the way.


The Tockington Wheelers boast many willing participants, some considered extremely capable athletes. Together we will take on not just the normal running, cycling and swimming events, but we will push into other areas considered extreme, such as cycling challenges (The Fred Whitton, everesting etc), multiple Ironman competitions, proposed 500k bike rides and more. We hope you can take the time to follow us and whenever possible, donate whatever you can afford.


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