Phee conquers Three Peaks

Three Peaks Challenge helps Phee move on​

To mark the ten year anniversary of the removal of her brain tumour, Phee decided to take on the challenge of a lifetime.  Along with her husband, she decided to do the Three Peaks Challenge – conquering Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon – and raise money for Brain Tumour Support.

“After my operation, I suffered with severe anxiety. While my husband and my family were great, what I really needed was professional support, from those trained to understand what I was going through” said Phee. “I wish I had been able to use the support services offered by Brain Tumour Support back then. I found it really hard to come to terms with the damage to my brain – the brain is so key to who we are as people.”

Phee was just 27 when she had a schwannoma of the olfactory nerve removed. She is now fully recovered and was given the all-clear by her neurosurgeon after her recent 10-year scan.


"I wanted to mark the occasion by doing something challenging to prove how far I’d come,” said Phee. “My parents thought we were crackers doing the Three Peaks, but it’s not a challenge if it’s not challenging, is it?”

Phee and her husband completed the challenge on 13th May 2018, climbing all three mountains in three days (below, left to right, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon)


They raised a staggering £1,500.


“Ben Nevis was truly tough, with -14 degrees C at the summit and 70mph winds!” said Phee. “When we met a man coming down who said he had not gone to the top for fear of being blown off, I did wonder if my parents had been right. But we managed to get to the top of all three peaks.”


“The sense of achievement has been huge and the amount of sponsorship received from family and friends has been amazing. I really feel as though I’ve drawn a line under what I went through, and I hope that our fundraising can help others in a similar situation to the one I faced.”


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