Nominate Brain Tumour Support - The Sun Fund

Through the Sun Fund we could secure some valuable funding to reach more families needing support, but to get it we need your help.
The deadline for nominations is December 18th. Please nominate us today!

The most important thing you'll need is our charity number. It is 1163856 - copy this now, you'll need it later.

Use the following information to make filling the form as simple as possible:

Step 1


Tick all 3 boxes that appear on the page as shown here.


Then click 'next':

Step 2

On the next panel fill in your details.

You will need to provide and email and telephone number, but you do not have to supply your address if you don't wish to.

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Step 3

On the final panel fill in the following details and tell them about Brain Tumour Support:

Charity name - Brain Tumour Support

Charity Registration Number - 1163856

Contact First name - Donna

Last Name - Courage

Charity email -

Charity phone number - 01454 414355

Charity category - HEALTH AND WELLBEING

Use a few of your own words to tell them about Brain Tumour Support and why you are nominating us, but we'd suggest that you ask for funds to provide a specialist part-time counselling service to anyone who has received a brain tumour diagnosis and lives in the West Midlands region. This service would cost £10,000 a year, so £20,000 would provide this service for two years.

Press 'Enter' and wish us luck!

Thank you for your support.

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Our specialist counselling service has made such a huge difference to so many patients and their loved ones whose lives have been changed as a result of a brain tumour diagnosis. Having this support has enabled people to get back to work, regain their confidence, take on new challenges, and adjust to the way their life has changed. For some the specialist support has been, quite literally, life saving. We want to be able to provide this service for more people who desperately need it.