Why I am a regular donor

Lance became a regular donor to Brain Tumour Support because we supported him and his partner Ann after her diagnosis.

“We were on our way to the GP to talk about Ann’s change in behaviour and confusion, when she had a seizure and became unconscious in the passenger seat of our car,” said Lance. “She was diagnosed with a brain tumour within weeks and despite surgery and treatment, died a year after diagnosis.”

Lance and Ann had free counselling from our specialist counsellor and attended one of our Support Groups. “The counselling helped manage the very difficult two weeks between having a repeat scan and getting the result, as well as getting both of us to accept Ann's terminal diagnosis,” said Lance. “Becoming a regular donor was my way of remembering Ann.”

Lance Allen_edited.jpg

“I hope my regular donation will help Brain Tumour Support survive and grow so the charity can help more brain tumour patients and their loved ones.”

How your support helps:

funds a home visit by a trained Brain Tumour Support Worker


pays for a 

Support and 

Information Day