Why I am a regular donor

Emma became a fundraiser for us after her neurosurgeon told her about Brain Tumour Support and the work we do supporting brain tumour patients like her.

After several fundraising activities, including one that involved taking her 2012 Olympic Torch to local schools, Emma decided to become a regular donor in 2015, giving £10 per month.

“For me, this is realistic, sustainable amount and I thought it was a good way of providing affordable continued support,” said Emma. “I also felt like I couldn’t continue to ask for the same group of people to keep sponsoring me for fundraising activities.”


Emma found out she had a brain tumour in 2006 after more than a year of visual disturbances and a tonic clonic seizure. After having a tumour removed from her occipital lobe, she was able to return to work within a couple of months.


“The only side effect I have been left with is an extra blind spot, which isn’t noticeable,” said Emma. “I feel very lucky. Every little helps, and it is good to know that I am contributing towards helping others less fortunate than myself.”

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How your support helps:

funds a home visit by a trained Brain Tumour Support Worker


pays for a 

Support and 

Information Day

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