Why I am a regular donor

Donna has been a regular donor since 2017. She gives £10 per month in memory of her brother-in-law, Mick.

“Brain Tumour Support is an amazing charity that makes a real difference to families,” says Donna. “I know the impact a brain tumour has on a family unit and having someone to turn to who understands is priceless.”

“My beautiful brother-in-law, Mick, was diagnosed with a grade-four glioblastoma in February 2009. He was such a lovely man, dedicated to his wife, children and grandchildren. My sister Jean gave up her job to nurse Mick at home. He died at home on Valentine’s day 2010 with Jean and his children all holding his hand.”

“I know that my gift of £10 per month helps Brain Tumour Support in a small way, but even if my donation helps to pay for tea and coffee at a Brain Tumour Support Group, I’m more than happy. I wanted to show a commitment to this amazing charity and that’s why I chose to become a regular donor.”

Donna and Mick 1995.jpg

Mick and Donna in 1995

Mick with his daughters Chrissy (l) and Sarah (r)