Only four weeks to go till the Bath Half Marathon .... I'm feeling rather anxious

by Tina Mitchell Skinner

CEO and Founder

Brain Tumour Support

I lost most of January due to illness and now I’m really anxious. Will I actually even be able to complete the Bath Half Marathon? It takes place in four weeks and so far the furthest I have run is 9 miles.

I’ve been told I need to be able to run 11 miles and that the other two will just happen on the day. Really? I don’t quite believe it, but I need to find strength from somewhere otherwise Sunday the 15th March will be such a disappointment.

I find strength and motivation from the memory of my late husband Paul and also from the generosity of the people donating to my fundraising page.

There is no way I am going to let down all those people who have donated so generously. When I’m feeling despondent (which, to be honest is most days) I just think of everyone who is cheering me on – there is nothing more motivating than knowing you are supported. That’s the whole reason why Brain Tumour Support exists – when a family is hit with a brain tumour diagnosis, the right emotional and practical support can make a huge difference to a seemingly hopeless situation.

So when I’m feeling disheartened about completing the Bath Half Marathon on the 15th March, I think about all those patients and families who will be getting the support they need because of the kindness of those who donated.

At the moment, I’m nursing a knee injury which is causing me a lot of pain, but I’m absolutely determined to carry on training and I’m going to run that race.

It’ll be slow, but I’ll do it.

I’ll do it for Paul and I’ll do it for everyone affected by a brain tumour diagnosis.

Find out more about my motivation for taking on this challenge by clicking on my on-line sponsorship page:

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