Musicians record single in honour of Brain Tumour Support's Young Champion Lyla

Lyla, a Young Champion for Brain Tumour Support

Songwriter Peter Waite and singer Will Jennison have recorded a single to raise funds for Brain Tumour Support after they met our Young Champion Lyla and were inspired by her story.

Aged just three when she was diagnosed in 2016 with a brain tumour, Lyla has already been through nine operations and many periods in hospital.

Despite almost all of the tumour being removed, it is the resulting scar tissue fusing with a ventricle in the brain that has caused so many ongoing challenges. In November 2018, with the medical team judging that further surgery to try and improve Lyla’s condition was too risky, her parents Paul and Kirsty were advised to “go and make memories”.

So for 2019 the family set out some very special goals for the year. One of these was to sing with a Disney Princess, which Lyla did in May when she sang her favourite Disney song "Let it go" from Frozen. It was then that she met Peter and his colleagues at i-Stage Group.

"Little did I know how it would effect me seeing this poorly girl and her inspirational family being so positive but at the same time have the worry of an unknown future for their little princess," said Peter. "After speaking with her father we decided to write a song and dedicate it to all of the families that suffer on daily basis as they take care of their poorly children."

Called "Forever in my arms", the single is available to download on all major platforms (including Apple Music).

Making the announcement about the release on Lyla's Facebook page, dad Paul said: "When Lyla went and recorded the "Let it go" track, the team at i-Stage Group ask if they could write a song for Lyla and base it around how we felt when Lyla was diagnosed and going through her treatment and recovery. Please have a listen to the words - Peter has nailed it down to a tee."

Lyla's family have been supporting the work of Brain Tumour Support and know first hand just how important specialist support is. Paul explains, "Until your family has to cope with a brain tumour diagnosis like this, it's hard to understand just how important it is to know that support is there. Especially knowing that help is there long term, because a condition like Lyla's can't simply be cured overnight. But like everything else specialist support needs funding and we hope that we can help Brain Tumour Support be there for more families who need them."

If you have been inspired by Lyla, you can support her by donating through her Young Champion page.

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