I'm going to run a half marathon. I am. I really am.

by Tina Mitchell Skinner

CEO and Founder

Brain Tumour Support

Well…..I can’t do much more now; the Bath Half Marathon is in a couple of days, so surely now all I need to do is believe that I can do it. Why is that so hard?

The blip in January due to illness has really affected my confidence, but I have continued with the training plan. However, I am still worried.

When I started this challenge, I could barely run to the end of my road, but now 10km is something I’m able to do and I have even run 18km. But part of me still doesn’t believe that I can do 21km, which is a half marathon.

People have encouraged me and said that I will get carried along by the crowd, but I have never taken part in an organised race before, so I am not sure if that many people (most of them running faster than myself) will encourage me or put me off.

I have run in the freezing cold; in the wind and in the rain, even storm Ciara; in glorious sunshine; in breath-taking scenery; with inspirational people; and on my own. I’ve had successes (never thought I’d ever run 18km!) and failures (a huge puddle stopped me in my tracks) and I’ve met so many lovely people along the way.

My family, friends and colleagues have been incredibly supportive – they believe I can do it. Why can’t I? Perhaps it’s because it takes time to accept a new you. My first blog was entitled “I am not a runner”. But now I need to accept that I am a runner and that I may even continue.

Accepting a new normal is often the biggest struggle that many brain tumour patients go through after their diagnosis. Many are faced with debilitating side effects from surgery and have to change their life completely.

If so many brave people can do that, maybe I just need to get a grip, remember why I’m doing this and believe in myself – maybe the new me is a runner after all?

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