Brain Tumour Support endorses Patients' Charter of Rights

Seventy-five organisations from around the world, including Brain Tumour Support, have endorsed the new Brain Tumour Patients’ Charter of Rights, a document intended to help initiate positive change in the care of people diagnosed with brain and central nervous system tumours.

The Charter provides a framework for the reduction of inequalities in care and the achievement of policy objectives aimed at improving healthcare systems and communications. It can also be used by individual patients to underpin particular aspects of their care. Ultimately, the goal of The Brain Tumour Patients’ Charter of Rights is to achieve the best possible health and quality of life for adults, children and adolescents living with brain tumours by encouraging and supporting quality standards, policies, and practices.

The Charter sets out the rights to which all brain tumour patients and caregivers should be entitled no matter where they live in the world. A number of these rights may currently be aspirational in some countries.

The Charter enumerates ten fundamental categories of “rights” for brain tumour patients that every country should strive to deliver:

1. Acknowledgement and Respect

2. Appropriate Investigation of Signs and Symptoms

3. A Clear, Comprehensive, Integrated Diagnosis

4. Appropriate Support

5. Excellent Treatment and High-Quality Follow-Up Care

6. The Care Relationship

7. Supportive/Palliative Care

8. Rehabilitation and Wellbeing

9. Medical Information and Privacy

10. Appropriate End-of-Life Options and Care

The Brain Tumour Patients’ Charter of Rights was developed through a multi-stakeholder and iterative process and is a “living document”, subject to annual review.

You can access the document here:

Download • 3.07MB

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