Band releases single in aid of Brain Tumour Support

The Inspiration, a band that has reformed after 30 years apart, has released a single called Golden Sun with 100% of sales going to Brain Tumour Support. The band members wanted to do something special for Garry Brandrick, the brother of the lead singer Marc Brandrick, after Garry was diagnosed in December 2017 with a brain tumour.

Garry is 62, and his passion in life since 2005 has been the charity he set up which helps people with a history of issues such as addiction, homelessness and offending to access employment and education. When not working, he loved wild camping.

But the brain tumour has changed all that. Garry has had to step back to an advisory role at work because he can’t drive and finds it hard to use a keyboard. He can no longer go wild camping on his own in case he has a fit. He has problems with short-term memory; he gets tired easily; he finds it difficult to focus and he has lost a lot of confidence in his own abilities.

Garry Brandrick

“People tell me how well I look,” says Garry. “It is often difficult for them to understand how devastating a brain tumour diagnosis is. I grew up in care, so I have always been independent.  I don’t ask for help. I didn’t think I needed support. But then Sarah, from Brain Tumour Support got in touch.”

Brain Tumour Support is a charity whose vision is that no-one is alone when facing the effects of a brain tumour diagnosis. The charity will support anyone affected, including patients, friends, family and carers, at any time in the journey and for as long as it is needed.

Garry now receives 24/7 palliative care from close family. “Mates and family have been great but they will never really understand,” says Garry, “With Sarah, the support is consistent and I know she is there whenever I need to speak to her. I have found the support I get from Brain Tumour Support very beneficial. It is the only form of professional support I get and I really value it.

Marc Brandrick

Garry’s brother Marc wanted to do something special to thank Brain Tumour Support for the help the charity has given Garry.  It wasn’t until Garry’s birthday celebration where Marc performed with some of his former band members that the idea to release a single struck him. “We used to play together in the 80s,” said Marc. “We decided to make a new recording of a song that I wrote more than 30 years ago. We hope it raises a lot of money for Brain Tumour Support, a charity that makes a real difference to the lives of brain tumour patients.”

The single is called Golden Sun and is available to download from Amazon and iTunes. It costs only 99p, with all proceeds going to Brain Tumour Support.

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