Kate's big leap

How Kate said 'Thank you' with a skydive

Kate wanted to “stick two fingers up” to everything she has been through, so she signed herself up to do a skydive. She also wanted to raise money for Brain Tumour Support because her local Support Group has been a great help to her and her family.

Kate was diagnosed after a sudden seizure (in a zoo of all places) and she had a grade three anaplastic astrocytoma removed, followed by several rounds of radiotherapy. She was initially apprehensive about attending a Support Group but she really wanted to speak to people who had been through similar experiences.

Kate Mortimer sky dive 4.jpg

​“I was worried it would be like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting,” said Kate. “And I was scared of what other people’s stories would be. I was even, would you believe it, worried about what people would look like.”

Kate and her husband attended the Somerset Support Group and found it helpful to talk to other members about their experiences.

“I have met some wonderful people, each with their own story to tell,” said Kate. “And the Support Worker running the meeting was amazing too. She was there to offer advice or just to listen to me rant about my worries.”

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Today, after finishing radiotherapy and getting her driving license back, Kate is back at work. “I am so grateful to all the people my husband and I met at the Support Group and also at the charity’s Patient and Family Weekend where I met specialists and got lots of advice,” she said.

​“I’m doing the skydive for them, so that the charity can continue the fantastic work it does. Others might choose to raise money for research, but I feel it’s really important that people are able to access support like this when they need it the most.”

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You can read more about Kate’s journey in her own words on her blog. Her down to earth and often humorous writing reflects her experiences from diagnosis, through to successful treatment and her latest, encouraging, scan results.


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