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With the celebrations in June for Queen Elizabeth’s  70 years on the throne, we are looking for 70 very special people to mark this occasion by becoming our Jubilee regular donors.  

The Queen has been a sign of stability and unity around the world – and that is what our regular donors mean to us. Regular giving is a cornerstone for the charity, enabling us to grow and plan for the future, to ensure that we can continue to provide services to people through the most difficult of times.

Our support is for anyone affected by any type of brain tumour, including family and loved ones, and for as long as support is needed.


The service covers emotional and practical support, advocacy, information, specialist help with sorting finances and benefits, individual and family counselling services and much more. Support Professionals provide a consistent point of contact and support can be delivered both one to one or through groups, and is always personalised and responsive to the individual.

Find out more about Brain Tumour Support's work:

Become a regular donor, and help us fill our crown of hearts....


Why become a Jubilee Donor? 



You can donate an amount that's manageable for you, whether that's the price of a cup of coffee a week or one cinema ticket a month, it can help us to support families all around the country. 

It's stress free, you can set up a Direct Debit so that you donate at the same time each month via your bank. 

It gives us stability; Regular donors provide us with the knowledge and security to help us plan and provide our best possible services every single month. 


We are aiming to light up all 70 of the ‘jewels’ on our Brain Tumour Support crown during this Platinum Jubilee year.

Could you give a lasting gift of support both now and for the future?