Jeanette's world changed after her brain tumour diagnosis. After being unable to work, she found a new focus - fundraising for Brain Tumour Support, the charity that helped her get the most out of life.

Jeanette's comments when she set up her fund:

After the surprise diagnosis of a tumour, like so many others, I felt as if my life had become worthless. I could no longer do the job I loved (Event Manager for a catering company) and my driving licence had been withdrawn.

I was very fortunate to get help from Brain Tumour Support - the charity's Brain Tumour Support Worker helped me a lot and I made many new friends through my local Brain Tumour Support Group .

Having been a bossy boots most of my life (or so my son tells me!), and not wanting to sit at home and watch the TV day in day out, I decided to use my (so called) talents to raise funds for the charity that had helped me so much. It's a win-win situation: not only does Brain Tumour Support get funds to continue their work and be able to offer those to be diagnosed in the future the wonderful support that I have received, but it helps me have a purpose in life.


I have already done a lot of fundraising for Brain Tumour Support, but this year, I wanted to set myself a challenge. I have decided I want to raise £10,000 in twelve months. It'll be hard, but I have never been afraid of hard work and I find fundraising really rewarding. I have always been amazed how generous people are - all I have to do is ask.

So here goes - "Will you help me beat my target? Go on, you know you want to!"

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