Individual fundraising

Something for everyone...

Leap into an experience of a lifetime!

As an individual or together with friends or family there are numerous ways to fundraise for Brain Tumour Support and whether your ideas and plans are big or small we’re here to help you get the most out of any activity.

Want to get started?

Explore the links below for inspiration and advice, or contact our friendly team so that they can support you.


Discover a range of fundraising events which are also exciting and memorable experiences.


Free and easy ways to raise funds through everyday activities - shopping and searching online. 


 Experience the thrills of skydiving - a truly exhilarating way to fundraise!


Bring together friends and family to fundraise under a special named fund.


A delicious way to fundraise with friends, family and  colleagues over coffee and cake!


Special items big and small from T-shirts to pens, badges to our fabulous cuddly hippos!