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A brain tumour diagnosis robbed Laura of her job as a sign language interpreter. But life also gave Laura a happy surprise. Read how our support services have helped her through the darkest of times and helped her celebrate the happy times.

"It's a special thing being able to talk to others."

Lesley was just getting used to life again after treatment for ovarian cancer, when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Read about the difference our support has made to Lesley.

"The group is vital."

For years, Lucy knew there was something wrong, but her symptoms were dismissed by doctors and opticians. Read more about her journey and how our support services have helped her.

"I am just as important as all the others."

Ellie was just 25 when she was diagnosed. She lives remotely and has found our on-line forum a huge help.

"I am so glad I found this group."
Chris Hodgson 4.jpg

During treatment for a brain tumour, Chris started to retreat from the world and became reclusive. Until he found his local support group.

"I don't feel so isolated in my condition any more"
Linda Ballinger.jpg

Eleven years after her brain tumour diagnosis and not being able to drive, Linda has her driving licence back. She hopes her story helps others not lose hope.

"I am so excited to be driving again"
Paul Edwards 2_edited.jpg

After his brain tumour diagnosis, Paul was scared and worried about the future. He says attending one of our support groups has been a big help to him and his family.

"Meeting others made me feel less alone"
Jamie and Sammie.JPG

We supported Sammie and her young children during her husband Jamie's illness and after he passed away in November 2018. Read how our counselling service has helped this young family.

"'Thank you' will never seem enough."
Nunzio and Glenis.png

Glenis helped nurse Nunzio after his cancer diagnosis. Then he noticed that she was muddling her words. Now he cares for Glenis, who has a brain tumour.

From patient to carer
Jane and Bill cropped.jpg

Our support services have helped Jane and Bill feel less alone after Bill was diagnosed with a Grade 4 glioblastoma.

"We feel less alone"

Meeting Karen at one of our Support Groups helped Lucy make one of the most difficult decisions of her life.

An extraordinary encounter

After his second surgery, Richard hit an all-time low and even considered taking his own life. It was the support he received from our counsellor and from his local Support Group that kept him going.

Brain Tumour Support saved my life
Freyja Hanstein_edited.jpg

After losing her husband to a rare form of abdominal cancer, Freyja was herself diagnosed with a brain tumour. Her Brain Tumour Support Group is a lifeline to her.

For the first time in a long time, I could just sit there and feel normal
Jane Edwards portrait.jpg

It was the persistence of her optician that saved Jane's life and a Support Group and counsellor from Brain Tumour Support that helped her put it back together again.  Then one day she found herself entering a half marathon....

Brain Tumour Support helped me put my life back together again

When Konnie’s world was turned upside down by a brain tumour diagnosis, it was a Brain Tumour Support counsellor that helped her pick up the pieces.

How counselling changed life for Konnie
Andi Nethercoat1.JPG

After having a brain tumour removed in 2014 Andi Nethercoat felt very alone. “So much changed for me after my operation and for three years I thought nobody cared,” said Andi. “There was no real after-care from the hospital; I was low; I’d had to make so many changes in my life and I was depressed.”

But then Andi found his local Support Group run by Brain Tumour Support.

Andi discovers it's never too late to find support

A serious car accident changed Arvin’s life forever. But it wasn’t the injuries from the accident that did it - they were minor. It was the MRI scan that he had as a precaution.

“They found six brain tumours,” said Arvin. “Six germinomas.”

How new friends helped Arvin get his confidence back
Julie Harvey crop.jpg

Julie was an inspiration to many. After being diagnosed with a brain tumour, she carried on with her many sporting challenges and fundraising. Julie sadly passed away in February 2019 but her spirit, quiet determination and generosity to others will never be forgotten, and here she reveals how a counsellor from Brain Tumour Support helped her along the way. 

Counselling keeps me strong
Keith and Nicole Carpenter square.jpg

Our support services are freely available at any point and for as long they are needed, following a brain tumour diagnosis. For loved ones this, sadly, can be a particular need when faced with bereavement. This is Nicole's story.

Helping Nicole through bereavement
JennyW_ support-group_1_blue_08-18.png

​Jenny felt very alone after her brain tumour diagnosis. She looked for people who might be able to help and eventually found out about her local Brain Tumour Support Group. “Going to that first Support Group set off a chain of events that changed my life,” says Jenny.

How a Support Group changes Jenny's life
Phil Duarte 1-web.jpg

Our Facebook Forum is a safe place for anyone affected by a brain tumour diagnosis to share stories and advice. Here is how it has helped Phil.

How our Facebook Forum is helping Phil
Helen Patterson Go Bandanas2.jpg

​When Helen was diagnosed with a grade one meningioma, she was in too much shock to read all the information and support leaflets she was given. It was only months later, after the tumour had been removed and she was off work, that she looked through them and found Brain Tumour Support.

How our Support Group helps Helen find her ‘new normal'

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