Helping Wayne

The problem of isolation

A brain tumour diagnosis can change life in so many ways and have a huge impact not only on physical but also mental well-being. Isolation is a big problem, and this has been even more so due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The team at Brain Tumour Support were therefore delighted to be able to bring a big smile to the face of brain tumour patient Wayne when he received a new laptop to help him reconnect with people online.

It came about through the generosity of one of our business supporters Paul Croker, and some great collaborative work between BTS Support Professional Lucy Wilkinson and Partnership Development Manager Lindsay Crennell.


Wayne has been living with the impact of a brain tumour since 2014

Life changed by a brain tumour

Wayne's life changed when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2014.  Due to the diagnosis which has resulted in epilepsy and memory loss, he had to give up the work he loved as a lorry driver and struggles to live independently. Prior to the pandemic he regularly attended his local Brain Tumour Support Group. However Zoom sessions have had to replace these meetings, and owning very outdated technology, Wayne struggled to connect with the groups online.

Finding a way to help

Support Professional Lucy was concerned about the increase in social isolation that the pandemic had caused, saying "Wayne has barely left the house for the past 15 months and does feel very lonely." She was sure that being able to even connect online would make a huge difference.  So she spoke with our Partnership Development Manager Lindsay, who put a call out amongst local companies for help in updating Wayne's technology.

Paul Croker of Bristol based 18it Systems quickly came forward with the offer of refurbishing a laptop to give to Wayne, and then Paul went one better and decided to donate a brand new machine with a simple set up designed to make connectivity as straight forward as possible. Paul said "I cannot imagine how lonely and isolated Wayne must be feeling. I hope it can put a smile on his face and keep him connected to those people he needs to talk with.”

Hope and a smile

When Wayne received the new laptop he certainly did smile, and said

"I feel very humbled to receive this help, as well as all that Brain Tumour Support have given me over this dark time. Paul has been so kind with this laptop, it's so amazing. I've missed being able to go to the Support Group so much and it'll make such a difference to see people on Zoom until things get better and we can perhaps go back to the groups, whenever that may be. I can't thank you enough."

Our Support Professionals have experience of the many problems that are often faced after a diagnosis including isolation, anxiety, low mood and fatigue.

If you or someone you love is affected by a brain tumour and would like to speak to someone about issues like this please contact our team


Receiving the laptop brings a big smile 

Please help us ensure that no-one affected by a brain tumour diagnosis has to face it alone