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How our Facebook Forum is helping Phil

Phil is 37 and lives in London with his wife and daughter. On his daughter’s first day of school, Phil went to hospital for brain surgery.

His journey started in 2011 when he went to the doctor with tingling hands and feet. His consultants were baffled and queried cortical dysplasia, a condition that affects the brain but which should remain stable. The tingling hands and feet turned out to be posture and stress related, but Phil continued to have annual MRI scans because there was a mass on his brain.

When, however, the scans showed the mass in Phil’s brain was growing, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

“My father died of a brain tumour and I was not ready to admit that I had one too,” said Phil. He did what many people do – he searched online for information and support. “I was dead before the end of the search,” said Phil. “Googling symptoms can be a dangerous thing to do.”​

But his search did result in him finding the Brain Tumour Support Members Forum on Facebook. The Forum is a safe place for anyone affected by a brain tumour diagnosis to share stories and advice.“The Forum can be challenging at times – I don’t like seeing people hurting,” said Phil. “But it’s also inspirational – it is amazing to see the resilience many people have. The Forum has been a great help to me and I now also get great satisfaction from helping others. It’s there when I need it and I know I can duck in and out whenever I want.”​


Phil is still recovering from his operation and has found counselling services and mindfulness a big help. He is grateful that he has been largely free of symptoms and sees this experience as a hideous blessing that has enabled him to spend more time with this wife and daughter. He also finds time to raise pertinent issues and give witty advice to Forum members .

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