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Our support services are a lifeline to thousands of patients and families across the UK. We are there for them at any point in their journey for as long as we are needed. Here is Paul's story, told in his own words in 2019.


Nearly four years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, the size of a large satsuma, in the front left of my brain.

The tumour was causing me to lose vision, I had problems with balance, epileptic fits and severe headaches. On being informed of this diagnosis, which followed from the results of an MRI, I went into shock and did not know what to do.


I was scared and worried about my future.  Within a week I saw a specialist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, and after numerous scans and blood tests I had an awake craniotomy.  The tumour was successfully removed by my surgeon and his fabulous team.


Last year I had the news that my tumour had come back and I would need to have courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  As I am writing this I am coming to the end of 12 months of treatment.


I cannot thank the wonderful work that the NHS do, and also the wonderful work of the charity Brain Tumour Support. I first heard about the charity from the hospital at the start of my treatment and I first met with members of the charity at a local meeting in Birmingham.


It was here that I met with other people who had the same condition as myself, which made me feel that I was not alone. I know that if I have any issues I can call them. Not only has this helped me, it has helped members of my family especially my wife Patricia who, may I say, has been my rock putting up with my many tantrums and sulking (I don't think I can blame the tumour for all of them!).

Brain Tumour Support, along with my family, have been there for support and advice all the way. With the help, support and expertise of all the team, including the NHS, I am still this side of the daisies.

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Brain Tumour Support offers support to brain tumour patients and their families in a variety of ways - support sessions and groups, one-to-one,  counselling, telephone and on-line support.

Find out more here or more information call our Support Line on 01454 422701 or email 

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