Helping Nunzio and Glenis

From patient to carer

Nunzio used to run a Post Office. "It was a good job, I used to love the banter with the pensioners. It was the only lifeline for a lot of them," he said.


But after a cancer diagnosis, Nunzio had to give up his beloved Post Office. His partner Glenis helped him through the radiotherapy and chemotherapy and lovingly nursed him back to health.

Then Nunzio noticed Glenis was getting her words muddled. “She used to say things back to front, like ‘I’m putting the fridge in the milk’,” said Nunzio. “Then she had her first seizure.”

Glenis was diagnosed with Grade 4 glioblastoma and their lives were turned upside down once more. After an operation to remove the tumour,  chemotherapy and blood transfusions, Glenis is not able to speak properly and still has seizures every two to three weeks.


“She looked after me during my cancer, now I am her full-time carer,” said Nunzio. “The brain tumour has robbed her of her speech and of our plans for the future. She bought herself an Audi TT before her diagnosis but has never been able to drive it.”

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Finding support

It was during Glenis’ treatment, that a nurse gave Nunzio a leaflet about a monthly Brain Tumour Support Group in their area.


“It’s amazing what you can learn from others going through the same thing,” said Nunzio. “We have found out about different treatments and had lots of support from other members of the group. And Glenis has also inspired others. At one of our support group meetings, we met a couple who had recently received a diagnosis. As Glenis is in her fifth year, it gave them some hope. It is just great to have others to turn to.”

Glenis also turns to her new rescue dog for support. As well as offering her companionship, talking to her dog has helped Glenis enormously with her speech. She now has an MRI every six months and is looking forward to a holiday in Torquay.

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Brain Tumour Support offers support to brain tumour patients and their families in a variety of ways - support sessions and groups, one-to-one,  counselling, telephone and on-line support.

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