Lucy's story

"I learned that I am not alone, but I am also just as important as all the others."

For years Lucy had known something was wrong, but several doctors and opticians had not taken her symptoms seriously. “I had had headaches all my life,” she said. “And then my vision went downhill. I am a writer and in order to use my computer, I had made my font really large so I could read it. It was almost an inch tall. My GP and optician just told me to stop using the PC.”

It was only when she went for a second opinion at another opticians that she finally got the help she needed. “He spotted something and was so concerned he wrote to my GP and insisted I get seen at hospital,” said Lucy. She eventually was given an MRI scan which revealed a 44mm x 78 mm meningioma. “It was such a relief to finally know that I wasn’t going mad,” said Lucy. “It was all a bit surreal really. I had the operation to remove the tumour and was sent home shortly afterwards.”


It was around this time that she found Brain Tumour Support. “My local Brain Tumour Support Worker came to see me in my home after I had had my operation,” said Lucy. “It was wonderful to talk to her. She told me about my local support group and I have been several times. When you look on-line you either get doom-and-gloom or miracle stories and I wanted real stories. It was fantastic to share experiences and talk to others.”

Lucy also had a couple of counselling sessions with a counsellor supplied by Brain Tumour Support. “She taught me not to belittle my experience and while I have been lucky with few side effects, I still went through brain surgery, which is a traumatic experience,” said Lucy.

Lucy has lost much of her sense of smell and taste but has also has several positive side effects from surgery. “I used to suffer terribly from anxiety and agoraphobia,” said Lucy. “But that has gone. My headaches have also gone.”

“My family and I have been so grateful for the support and care given to us by Brain Tumour Support. My support worker, my counsellor, the support group – they have all been wonderful. I have learned that I am not alone, but that I am also just as important as all the others.”

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Lucy has written a blog about her journey, which she hopes will help others:

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Brain Tumour Support offers support to brain tumour patients and their families in a variety of ways - support groups, one-to-one,  counselling, telephone and on-line support.

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