Helping Lesley

Lesley was getting used to normal life again after finishing treatment for ovarian cancer when she noticed she was having trouble with spelling and speech.


“At first, it was funny,” said Lesley. “But then my symptoms got worse and I started getting tired. So I went to see my oncologist.”

Lesley was quickly diagnosed with a brain tumour – the tumour was actually her ovarian cancer that had spread to her brain and was classed as a metastasis. After surgery and cyber knife treatment Lesley felt she needed to find some support to deal with the trauma she had been through.

“I heard about my local Brain Tumour Support Group but I thought, because my tumour is not a primary brain tumour, that perhaps the group was not for me,” said Lesley. “But it’s been wonderful. In the last twelve months, I have only missed one meeting. The Support Worker is lovely and the other members of the group have become my friends.”


The group that Lesley attends is small and covers a wide area, meaning many members travel long distances to attend. Many of these are not allowed to drive so they often have to go to a lot of effort to get to the group.


“The group is vital,” said Lesley. “You are with like-minded people and if you are struggling, you can talk to someone and you just know they will understand.”


She remembers talking to one group member who has stressed because he had been given a timeline for the progression of this symptoms. Lesley reassured him by telling him her story. “He felt better for talking to me and I felt better for having helped him,” said Lesley.

Lesley’s husband is now her carer and drives her to group. “We all help each other,” she said. “And we often have some great speakers and guests – from practical advice about benefits, to relaxation techniques such as Yoga. It’s just fantastic and I am already looking forward to my next group.”

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