Helping Jenny

How a Support Group changed Jenny's life

When Jenny was involved in a nasty car accident she had to go for an MRI scan on her neck. She had also damaged her knee quite badly and was concerned about that. But, after the scan, instead of being told about the severity of her injuries, she received some other news she was not expecting. She had a brain tumour.

“This was a huge shock,” says Jenny. “My mother, aunty, cousin and next door neighbour had all died of brain tumours, so I was very scared. All I could visualise was death. I started preparing myself to be severely disabled and started getting my affairs in order.”

While her husband and daughter were very supportive, Jenny felt very alone. She looked for people who might be able to help and eventually found out about her local Brain Tumour Support Group. “Going to that first Support Group set off a chain of events that changed my life,” says Jenny.​


“No matter how supportive your family is, no-one else understands what you are feeling like others who have been in the same position as you. The people in my Support Group are like a little family.”

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At one of the Support Group meetings, Jenny met another patient who was able to allay her fears about her surgeon because he had had the same tumour removed by the same surgeon.

“It was amazing being able to talk to someone else who had been on the same journey as I was about to go on,” says Jenny. Several members of Jenny’s Support Group also asked the Brain Tumour Support Worker if it would be possible to share contact details and meet up outside the group meeting. “These people are now dear friends of mine and we support each other every day,” says Jenny.

The Brain Tumour Support Worker’s role is not only to run the Support Group, but also to provide one-to-one support when needed and organise social events.​


“Our Brain Tumour Support Worker is wonderful,” says Jenny. “She has so much empathy and understanding for us. She is always there for me and if I could not get to see her, she is always there at the end of the phone or email. I don’t know where I would be without my Support Group. It would be utterly terrifying.”

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Brain Tumour Support offers support to brain tumour patients and their families in a variety of ways - support sessions and groups, one-to-one,  counselling, telephone and on-line support.

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