Friendship conquers the highest summits

A brain tumour took the life of Steve Adlam in October 2017. He was 48.  But, thanks to friend Lucy and her mum Jill, he managed to complete the 24 hr Three Peaks Challenge in June 2018 when they took a photo of him to the top of each peak while raising money for Brain Tumour Support in his memory.

​“Steve knew we were planning on doing the Three Peaks Challenge,” said Lucy, who is a close friend of Steve’s wife Jennie. “He had just been diagnosed when I applied to do the challenge and his family were receiving support from the charity at the time. They are still being helped by Brain Tumour Support, so we wanted to raise funds to enable it to support others in the same situation.”​

​Lucy and Jill’s 24hr adventure started early on a Saturday morning with the ascent of Ben Nevis. “That was hard,” said Lucy. “About three-quarters of the way up, we saw snow and it was really cold and windy. We had to hold on tight to Steve’s photo as we thought it might blow away!”

After five hours of hiking, it was back into the mini bus to drive to ​Scafell Pike. By the time Lucy and Gill got to the top, the sun was setting and they had to descend in the dark using head torches. 

​​They tried to sleep and eat in the bus on the journey to Snowdon but arrived tired, making the last ascent the toughest. “All of us were struggling,” said Lucy. “But it was a beautiful clear day with spectacular views and we all made it!

Lucy and Jill raised an amazing £1,800 for Brain Tumour Support. “It was a brilliant experience and I would certainly recommend it to anyone,” said Lucy. “People get scared about going on these organised trips that require you to raise a certain amount of sponsorship in order to take part, but I don’t think the targets are unrealistic and we smashed ours! We just kept plugging it on Facebook and we still have funds coming in after the event.” 

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