Clare raises £10,000 in one year

Clare set herself the target of raising £10,000 for Brain Tumour Support and gave herself 12 months in which to do it. And with a little help from her friends at her church, she has managed to raise an astounding £10,380.60.

So how did this busy, working mum of four, do it?

“When something is close to your heart, you are driven to achieve things that some people might think are impossible,” said Clare. “My brother died of a brain tumour in 2007 and I feel support for families like ours is so important. So when my church asked for nominations for a parish project, I was thrilled when my suggestion of Brain Tumour Support was accepted.”

The planning started straight away and Clare wanted to play to her strengths. “I love organising events, bringing people together and seeing them enjoy themselves,” said Clare. So she decided that her year would involve several community events, as well as a few personal challenges and family activities. “I felt it was important to have a variety of events,” said Clare. “Something for everyone.”

Planning the whole year out in advance is important, says Clare. She planned a variety of events throughout the year.

Clare's 12 months of fundraising

One Night Only

A brilliant ‘festival’ night with local bands for all the family to dance and let their hair down.

Family walk

A 10km walk in Bristol. Everyone wore Brain Tumour Support T-shirts and collected money as they went. 

St Patricks Day

An evening of Irish music and dancing. 

Bristol 10K Run

Clare and two friends completed this iconic race and asked for sponsorship.


A friend of Clare's (Sinead Kelly Barber) trained hard for her first charity boxing match and got sponsorship.

Floss challenge

Friends were challenged to do the floss.


Quiz and cake sale

Getting friends together and having fun.

Christmas bazaar

Inviting different stall holders.


Prosecco and Gin night

An evening of games, a light supper and lots of bubbly.

High tea

Like a coffee morning but posher with all trimmings including teapots, teared cake stands and bone china.

“Some events, like the Christmas bazaar, were more successful than I thought they would be,” said Clare. “And others did not raise as much as I had hoped. I was hoping the floss challenge would go viral, but it didn’t come off. While it was disappointing, it was important that I didn’t let that get me down. I needed to focus on the next event!”


Clare is pleased with how the year went. “We had so much fun,” she says. “I like to have a purpose and my purpose last year was Brain Tumour Support.”

Clare’s top tips for a year of fundraising success

  1. Set yourself a challenging fundraising target – make it out of your comfort zone and push yourself!

  2. Get a team of helpers together

  3. Play to your strengths – organise activities that you enjoy

  4. Don’t worry about picking the right date for an event – you will never be able to please everyone

  5. Plan the whole year

  6. Just ask - don’t be afraid of rejection

  7. Don’t worry if an event does not go well – the next one will do better

  8. Make it varied – choose lots of different types of events. Something for everyone.

  9. Make sure you have a letter of authority from Brain Tumour Support – this needs to explain why you are fundraising.

  10. Make it fun!

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Meet more inspiring fundraisers

If you are inspired to take on a challenge, raise funds as a special way to remember or support someone close to you, or get involved in any sort of fundraising to support our work, please email to find out what opportunities are coming up.

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