Adam takes on two challenges at once

Adam lost four stone in weight in order to be able to do a skydive. He took on the challenge in memory of his mother-in-law who died of a brain tumour.

"The skydive was my reward for losing the weight," said Adam. "My mother-in-law was diagnosed at a time when there was very little known about the dreadful disease, and no available help or support for both the patient or their loved ones. I'd like to help make sure that others get the support they need."

“I would encourage anyone who has half considered it, to do it! You wont regret it. The views are amazing. The wind is howling as you fall, and even though you are moving towards the ground it feels like you are floating. As soon as the canopy opens, everything is still and quiet. It was fantastic and I wanted to do it again straight away!"

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