Community and schools

School mates, work colleagues, club members...

Getting together in the community for FUNdraising can be a lot of FUN!


We are actively involved with a number of community organisations, including our local schools, Round Table, Duke of Edinburgh, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides.

We have been nominated by a number of golf cubs as the charity for special Charity Golf Days, as well as being elected Charity for the Year for a variety of groups and organisations. 

We have also been the chosen charity for fetes and flower shows, school and community events and local businesses.

We have lots of fun and varied suggestions for getting involved. Take a look and and see what inspires you:


Get Active
Choose something challenging for the children to do, maybe running laps around the playground, or a skipping challenge.

Go Casual
Non school uniform day, ask everyone to pay £1 to wear his or her own clothes. If you want to give it a twist, dress up in fancy dress or pyjamas.

Get Involved in March
Why not join in during UK Brain Tumour Awareness Month of March when we have a special campaign as an effective way to raise awareness as well as funds.

Grow Your Own
Buy a packet of seeds, plant them and let them grow. Then sell the bigger plants for a bigger profit. Get all the school to join in.

Get Eating
Organise a coffee morning, a cake sell or sell Krispy Kremes. Ask parents to bring cakes, biscuits and drinks, and charge people to buy a cake or a drink.

Go Without
Get the children to join in with our Give It Up! campaign in January, or at any time in the year give up something they would really miss, like sweets, TV or their mobile, & get people to sponsor them for each day that they manage to go without.

The Smartie Challenge
Give all the children a tube of Smarties and set a competition to see who can fill it with the most 20p’s.

Get Baking
Have a Baking Day and make lots of cakes and biscuits, then have a bake sale at school during a break.

Get Selling
Hold a bring-&-buy sale for the school. Bring in your old toys & books to sell, & donate the profits.

Get Fashionable
Ask the parents/friends to donate their old clothes and hold a ‘recycled’ fashion show for your school or neighbourhood. You can charge for admission and refreshments and all the clothes will be for sale, of course.

Get Packing
Ask your local supermarket if you can hold a bag packing day for Brain Tumour Support. It’s a great way to provide a service to the local community while supporting us too.

Get Recycling
Don't throw away - recycle! We can raise money through collecting used ink cartridges, old phones and other gadgets. Collecting can be made fun and informative and is a simple way to be involved and help our work.

Groups and Organisations

Team Building Day
A day out in teams distributing our collection tins to local businesses makes for a fun and rewarding day that will bring your team immense satisfaction. Warning – may be competitive!

Sponsor Brain Tumour Support for a Day
It costs over £1,000 day to run our charity and provide our much needed support services. Every day counts.

Charity of the Year
We would be honoured to become your choice of charity of the year & work with you.

Brain Tumour Awareness Month
Join in during UK Brain Tumour Awareness Month of March. For the month we run a special campaign that has always been a great way to get together and raise awareness as well as funds.

Do Something Daring
Take on the challenge of a skydive - perhaps even a group of you might dare to leap out of a plane together!

Sporting Challenge
Run, cycle, swim, or all 3 in a triathlon. If you have sports enthusiasts on board, we can find them a challenge!

Individual Challenge
Have your head shaved, sit in a bath of beans or custard, have your chest waxed or go all the way & wax it all off! Endless fun ideas to inspire you!

Office Fundraising
Have a dress up/down day. Have a swear box or do a sponsored slim. A sponsored ‘go without’ day or a post-Christmas unwanted gifts sale. Lots of possibilities.

Fundraising Events
Hold an event – quiz, bingo, karaoke or race night, cream tea, Zumbathon, a ball or a disco. And an auction or raffle at the event can raise further funds.

Organise and hold a collection either in the office, at a supermarket or at a football/rugby ground.

Collection Tin
Have one of our collection tins in a local venue. Every penny helps!

Coffee Morning
Organising a coffee morning is a great way to catch up with friends, family, colleagues or clients while doing your part to support us.

Cake or Krispy Kreme Sales
All bake a few cakes and sell them by the slice or have a Krispy Kreme doughnuts sale.

We have fundraising packs and merchandise to help you with your fundraising, and we are always keen to hear your ideas and work with you to make the most of your activities.


So if you would like us to be involved at your school or in your community please contact our Fundraising Team – or call 01454 414355