Cake and a Cuppa

How a simple get together can make a real difference

The origins of Brain Tumour Support, and the extensive support services that we now offer, actually lie in a simple get together. The first support group started with a few people meeting over coffee and a piece of cake, to talk to each other and share their experiences. And that made a real difference in helping them not feel alone in coping with the impact of a brain tumour diagnosis.

Now the same 'Cake and a Cuppa' can make a difference in helping to secure support for many more people. 

It can be as simple as getting a few friends together at home, organising a coffee morning at work, or holding a cake sale.

Bringing people together for Cake and a Cuppa can help spread the word and raise awareness of the charity.

And every donation makes a real difference to us continuing to support a growing number of patients and families.


And do let us know about your Cake and a Cuppa event - our fundraising team will also be pleased to help you make your event as delicious and successful as possible!

How your support helps:

funds a home visit by a trained Brain Tumour Support Worker


pays for a 

Support and 

Information Day

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