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Brain Tumour Support was one of a group of charities which launched the UK's Brain Tumour Awareness Month in 2004, and made March the month to focus on awareness and understanding of brain tumours and the impact they have on thousands of families every year.

Anyone can make a difference in some way, whether through campaigning or raising vital funds for support that can change lives.

How a cake and a cuppa can make a real difference

The origins of Brain Tumour Support, and the extensive support services that we now offer, actually lie in a simple get together. The first support group started with a few people meeting over coffee and a piece of cake, to talk to each other and share their experiences. And that made a real difference in helping them not feel alone in coping with the impact of a brain tumour diagnosis.


Now the same 'Cake and a Cuppa' can make a difference in helping to secure support for many more people. 

It can be as simple as getting a few friends together at home, organising a coffee morning at work, or holding a cake sale.

Bringing people together for Cake and a Cuppa can help spread the word and raise awareness of the charity.

And every donation makes a real difference to us continuing to support a growing number of patients and families.

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And do let us know about your Cake and a Cuppa event - our fundraising team can send you a fundraising pack and will be pleased to help you make your event as delicious and successful as possible!

How your support helps:

funds information packs for five families needing support


funds a series of specialist counselling sessions for an individual or family

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