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Help us provide more support during Brain Tumour Awareness Month 2022

March is an annual, nationwide opportunity to bring greater attention to brain tumours and the devastating impact they have on many thousands of families in the UK every year.

Together We Are Stronger is the message from our charity, Brain Tumour Support, and during Brain Tumour Awareness Month 2022 (#BTAM2022) we want to remind anyone with any type of brain tumour, together with their families, that our team is here to provide free support at any point following a brain tumour diagnosis.

We are here because #SupportMatters
We are here #BecauseYouMatter

We need to raise awareness of the facts and everyday impact of brain tumours 

Help us spread awareness of support available for people facing the impact of a brain tumours diagnosis

Brain Tumour Awareness Month is a great way to spread the word about Brain Tumour Support and to enable more of the 100,000+ adults and children affected by brain tumours access our services.

Your input is important, whether it’s as simple as ‘liking’ our Facebook page and sharing our social posts, or being involved in an event to raise funds.

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How Brain Tumour Support helps people after the impact of a brain tumour 

Together we can make a difference to the 16,000 people who are diagnosed with a brain tumour each year in the UK, and during the month of March 2022 we want to highlight the impact a brain tumour diagnosis can have on the lives of everyone around you and how important the right support is to making things easier to navigate.

In the UK, 45 people a day are diagnosed with a brain tumour. At Brain Tumour Support, we offer unique support not available from the NHS or other charities and we support people with any type or grade of brain tumour, primary or secondary, from glioblastomas to meningiomas, acoustic neuromas to pituitary tumours.

Our services include emotional and practical support, specialist counselling, finance and benefits advice, specialist information and guidance, and online support sessions.


If you, your family or friends have been affected by a brain tumour diagnosis, get in touch with Brain Tumour Support today to find out more about the personalised support we can offer you and your loved ones. 


How your involvement can help Sponsor a Support Professional

Our experienced Support Professionals are able to provide a consistent one to one contact at any stage from the point of diagnosis and for as long as support is needed.

They are trained the Brain Tumour Support way, offering a unique approach to provide a wide range of counselling and support services from the point of diagnosis, at any stage of treatment, through palliative and end of life care, and beyond.

In order to reach many more people across the country we want to grow our Support Team and for each additional full time Support professional we need to raise £20,000.

Can you help us to Sponsor a Support Professional this Brain Tumour Awareness Month?


Get together for Cake and a Cuppa

Simple things can be the best! 

Enjoy Cake and a Cuppa for Brain Tumour Support

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Other ways to support

Donations, fundraising and sponsorship is essential to helping our charity continue its work. Find out how you can help through fundraising and donations here.

How sharing your experience can help awareness and help others

Your brain tumour journey – because you matter, because support matters

Your stories will help others who are going through a similar journey.  Share your stories of loved ones or yourself using these hashtags, and please remember to tag Brain Tumour Support in your socials so that people can easily get in touch to access our services.


Read why #SupportMatters to Paul here

To share your own experience for our Your story page, please get in touch with us here.

How you can help to spread awareness online 

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