Ashley's story

Diagnosed in 2020 with astrocytoma 

Ashley's sudden diagnosis and need for immediate surgery was overwhelming, and having specialist support and counselling has helped both Ashley and her partner keep positive as she continues through treatment.

Ashley talks about her experience:


I was given the shock diagnosis of my astrocytoma brain tumour in the December 2020 and needed emergency surgery due to the size of the tumour.

My head was all over the place. My son Forbes was only 2 years old and I had all the feelings of fear and being extremely overwhelmed, that's when my partner and I reached out to Brain Tumour Support, in January 2021.

From the first telephone call we were made to feel at ease and listened to. I was referred to Support Professional Steve Miller, who helped me try and understand what was going on for me and my family, and just listened to me. I had every emotion going....maybe too much swearing at times (sorry Steve!)

Steve was extremely supportive, kind and a great sounding board, I'll never forget that.

My partner was referred to the Brain Tumour Support counselling service and I know he found the sessions with counsellor Kate helpful and this was also his own time and space to express how he was feeling.  I also received support from Kate, which I feel helped me start to process my diagnosis and get a better understanding of it.

Unfortunately in late October 2021 I was told my tumour had grown a significant size and I required radiotherapy and now I'm currently receiving chemotherapy.

I feel I am a positive person and TRY and see the best in every situation and with the 'tools' I have gained from Brain Tumour Support it keeps me going.


Steve still drops me the odd text or email to check in which always picks me up if I’m having a bad day! I am extremely grateful and thankful for all the work you all do. 

Ashley Griffin - March 2022

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Ashley with her young son Forbes

Support Brain Tumour Awareness Month

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The Nurture Nursery sets up a special fundraiser

Ashley's son attends The Nurture Nursery in Bathgate, near Edinburgh and the nursery's owners Emma and Katie have set up a fundraiser to benefit Brain Tumour Support on International Women's Day.


They explained: "We are happy to support Ashley, Forbes and family through these fundraisers. Ashley has been so strong throughout her illness and continues to maintain such a positive outlook for herself and Forbes. We hope to raise as much as possible through our International Women's Day fundraiser."